Full moon on New Year's Eve

Dear Tom,
I see that the second full moon this month will be on New Year’s Eve. Has this ever happened before?
Lucy Thomson, Lake Forest

Dear Lucy,
A New Year’s Eve full moon is a fairly rare event, but it has happened many times before. The last one was 19 years ago in 1990 and the one before that occurred back in 1971. After this year’s Dec. 31 full moon we will have to wait until 2028, 2066, 2104, 2115, 2134 and 2180 for repeats. By nature of the moon’s 29.5-day cycle, a New Year’s Eve full moon will always be the second full moon of the month. Astronomer Dan Joyce of the Cernan Earth and Space Center at Triton College tells us that the odds are that a full moon will occur twice on a particular calendar date in any 59-year period.

Only a few flurries left- Six day siege of wintry weather coming to an end

Snow has pretty much moved out of the Chicago area this evening ending a six day siege of winter weather  that has gripped the region since December 23. During this period, the area has recorded every type of winter precipitation imaginable from heavy snow to sleet, freezing rain to just plain rain.

 We will be shutting down the WGN Severe Weather Blog a little later this evening. It will be reactivated when threatening winter weather returns.

WGN Weather Center

Light snow winding down

Light snow has been falling across the entire Chicago metropolitan area much of today,  Amounts have been quite light across northern sections of the region trending a bit heavier to the south. Latest radar trends show that the snow is ending across most of Chicago and areas to the west and north of the city, but will continue a while longer south of the city and in northwest Indiana.


Some snow totals from today

Midway           0.6″

Peotone          1.4″

Kankakee        2.0″

Portage Ind.     1.1″

Chesterton Ind. 2.0″

Wheatfield Ind. 2.5″


Here we go again…next wave of snow is moving in

It’s going to be yet another snowy day here in Chicago on this last Sunday of 2009, but today’s event should be of a lighter variety than what most experienced Saturday.   The lone exception to that rule will be some southern suburbs as well as most of northern Indiana, which could easily end up with more snow today than they did yesterday.  

Three to five inches of new snow is likely today along and south of I-80.  Many of these same areas only received 2 to 4 inches of snow on Saturday. 

Expected snowfall totals today will range from barely one-half of an inch in northern McHenry County (far north) to perhaps 6 or more inches in Kankakee County (far south).  The City of Chicago will land somewhere in the middle of this range with 1 to 3 inches by this evening.  

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through this evening for portions of Illinois and Indiana that are expected to bear the brunt of this latest winter blast, including Kankakee, Lake(IN), Porter and LaPorte Counties.