Bands of heavy lake-enhanced snow could make for a messy rush hour

Bands of moderate to heavy snow continue to move thorugh the Chicago area. At 4 pm radar indicated the heaviest bands across Lake County, Illinois, southeast McHenry County and  much of Cook County. Conditions are variable with near zero visibility in the heaviest bands ranging to about 1 miles when the snow lightens.  So far storm snow totals have been in the 6-8 inch range across the north portion of the metro area ranging to about 4-6 inches in central and southern sections,

With snow continuing through much of tonight several more inches of accumulation can be expected.

At 4pm visibilities of 1/2 mile or less were reported at Aurora, Waukegan, Wheeling, Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee.  

Up to 8 inches of snow at Fort Hill near Round Lake

A late report of 8 inches of snow has come in from Lake County, Illinois near Round Lake. radar continues to show bands of heavy snow across portions of Lake and northern Cook counties . Overall there has been a trend for the snow to increase through the afternoon hours as lake-enhancement adds extra moisture to the storm system.

Several more inches of snow are expected to accumulate across the area as evening approaches.

Snow starting to pile up in north suburbs as lake-enhancement kicks in

Visibilities have been dropping below 1/2 mile across the northern suburbs much of the afternoon and latest radar trends show a band of strong snow returns setting up along the west shore of Lake Michigan as the lake-enhancement phase of this storms begins to set in.

In Northbrook snow totals have reached 5.3 inches and to the north in Wisconsin a rash of 5-7 inch storm totals are being reported.

At 2:30 pm the visibility had dropped to 1/4 mile at both Kenosha and Wheeling, indicating heavy snow was occurring. 

Snow continues… heaviest snow falling from north suburbs into southeast Wisconsin

Snow continues across the Chicago area this afternoon with the heaviest fall occurring across north sections of the metro area from Lake and McHenry counties north into southeast Wisconsin where visibilities have been consistently holding to 1/2 mile or less indicating a moderate to heavy rate of snowfall.

The snow should continue through the afternoon and tonight with substantial accumulations still expected. Latest radar trends show snowfall increasing in intensity in a band along the west shore of Lake Michigan, a sure sign that lake enhancement in beginning.

Snow increasing across north portion of the metro area

Shortly after 1 pm latest radar trends indicate that snowfall intensity is increasing across the north portion of the metropolitan area. Visibilities have dropped to 1/2 mile or less  in areas from southeast Wisconsin to the northern suburbs of Chicago. This increase in snowfall intensity is a result of  added atmospheric lift as an upper level low moves east across central Illinois and a trajectory of air across Lake Michigan from northern Indiana  and southern Lower Michigan gaining access to lake moisture.

Conditions should continue to deteriorate through the afternoon as the snow increases with several inches of additional accumulation expected especially in areas near Lake Michigan.

Some fairly large snow totals are being reported from southeast Wisconsin

Pewaukee 6.0 inches

Merton 4.9 inches

Milwaukee 4.9 inches

Caledonia 5.5 inches

Sullivan 4.2 inches

 Some late reports from the Chicago area

McHenry 4.0 inches

Gurnee 4.0  inches

Elmhurst 3.7 inches