Fog, snow and Golf in Antioch, Illinois

Bob Schneider, who lives on on Bluff Lake in Antioch, Illinois sent us these pictures. Bob tells us:

The one titled “Ice Fog” was taken a couple of days ago at sunrise with the fog before it burned off. The one titled “Ice Golf” was taken today after seeing a 4-wheeler plowing the snow on the ice and then people began to show up with their golf clubs. You can see the pins for the holes on both sides of the picture.

Thanks Bob!


Photos courtesy of Bob Schneider, Antioch, Illinois

Tim's Weather World: Stonger Hurricanes in Warmer World?

A new study published online Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience suggest that there will be fewer but stronger hurricanes in the future.  Ten experts in the fields of climate change and hurricanes that formed a special World Meteorological Organization panel looked at computer models that forecast tropical cyclone activity through the end of this century.  The wind speed in storms is expected to increase anywhere from 2 mph to 11 mph.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that there will be between 6 and 34 percent fewer storms.


hurricaneike2008.jpgAt the top end of the range, an increase of wind speed near 11 mph would mean in increase in damage of about 60 percent.  Those stronger storms would also produce more rain.



Sunday night snowfall totals

A sampling of snowfall totals through 6AM

5.6″   Plainfield, IL                 

5.5″   Homewood, IL                (0.61″ liquid)

5.3″   Park Forest, IL                (1.03″ liquid)

4.8″   Sreator, IL                      (0.80″ liquid)

4.1″   Glenwood, IL                  (0.60″ liquid)

4.0″   Yorkville, IL                    (0.73″ liquid)

4.0″   Highland, IN                   (0.83″ liquid)

3.8″   Inverness, IL                   (0.45″ liquid)

3.5″   Algonquin, IL                  (0.48″ liquid)

3.6″   Hawthorne Woods, IL    

3.6″   Peotone, IL                    (0.72″ liquid)

3.4″   Naperville, IL                  (0.60″ liquid) 

3.1″   Chicago- O’Hare             (0.49″ liquid) 

3.0″   Countryside, IL               (0.60″ liquid)

3.0″   Oak Park, IL                   (0.56″ liquid)

3.0″   North Aurora, IL              (0.58″ liquid)

2.9″   Lake of the 4 Seasons     (0.79″ liquid)

2.7″   Schaumburg, IL               (0.64″ liquid)

2.5″   Sandwich, IL                   (0.50″ liquid)


6AM Storm Update

6AM until Noon:  Light snow tapers to flurries or ends.  Additional accumulation: 1/2″ or less, resulting in a storm total of 3″ to 6″.    

Noon to 6PM:  Occasional flurries.  No additional accumulation.



White:   Snow Advisory/Winter Weather Advisory

Yellow:  Winter Storm Watch

Red:      Winter Storm Warning

WGN Weather Center 7 Day Forecast