Dense fog covers most of the Chicago area-expected to persist through the night

Dense fog shrouds almost the entire Chicago metropolitan area late this evening. Visibilities are generally less than 1/4 mile and as low as 1/8 or 1/16 of a mile in many areas. The fog is expected to persist through the night and linger well into Tuesday morning.  The fog has impacted both road and air travel Monday evening and travelers should check with their airlines for the statues of Tuesday morning flights. 

A dense fog advisory remain in effect for the entire Chicago area through 10 am Tuesday morning.

March and April in Chicago

Dear Tom,
I remember an old weather proverb: “If March acts like April, April acts like March.” Has that been true in Chicago?

–Douglas H. Hanbury, East Peoria

Dear Douglas,
Chicago’s mildest Marches have been followed by milder than normal and,
in most cases, nearly snow-free Aprils. Chicago climatologist Frank
Wachowski tracked the city’s five mildest Marches and found that every
following April was substantially milder than normal, led by April 1878
with an 8.8 degree surplus and April 1921, which was 8.3 degrees warmer
than normal. April snowfall typically averages about 1.5 inches, and
only the 6.9 inches that fell in April 1910 was significant with the
combined snowfall of remaining four Aprils a mere 0.4 inches. On the
flip side, Wachowski noted that four of the city’s five coldest Aprils
came after below-normal Marches.

Dense fog forces flight cancelations

Fog continues to thicken and expand across much of the Chicago area this evening. 

Hardest hit have been lakeshore communities due to lake cooled air interacting with boundary layer moisture, resulting in extremely dense fog. 

At 8:45PM, visibility along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago was reduced to around 300 feet, or 1/16 of a mile. 

At Midway Airport, the fog has forced Southwest Airlines to cancel roughly 50% of their flight arrivals for the remainder of the evening. 

Below:  The view tonight from our WeatherBug camera located at the Cubby Bear / Vines on Clark,  across the street from Wrigley Field. 

03 08 2010 2126_s cubby.jpg

Monday evening fog

Carl Rollberg from Calumet Park, Illinois sent us this picture of Monday evening’s fog.

Thanks Carl!

Photo courtesy of Carl Rollberg, Calumet Park, Illinois


Jim Nayder from Chicago sent us this fog picture taken from a balcony. Jim tells us:
 “. . . quite foggy in Chicago tonight.  Yet beautiful & mysterious…”

Wow! Thanks Jim!
Photo courtesy Jim Nayder, Chicago