Now that's a warm front- temps jump 26 degrees in one hour!

A strong warm front continues to lift north across the Chicago area this afternoon.  The front has led to some rather remarkable temperature rises.

One of the more dramatic warmups occured at Chicago’s Calumet Harbor on the south side of the city.

At 1:48PM, the air temperature at the harbor was 49 degrees.   By 2:18PM, the temperature had skyrocketed to 73 degrees.  That is a remarkable 24 degree jump in 30 minutes!

By 2:48PM,  readings had leveled off at 75 degrees, a 26 degree rise in one hour. 


Hail of a storm hits the Chicago area

The Chicago area was battered by hail Monday night and Tuesday morning as several waves of severe thunderstorms swept the region. The largest hail reported was as large as baseballs (2.75 inches in diameter) in the Des Plaines area around 11 pm Monday evening. Our thanks go out to our many viewers that took the time to send us these hail pictures and storm damage pictures..


1/2-1 inch diameter hail in Evanston

Cohen [640x480].jpg 

Photo by Bob Cohen


Hail pelts the Fermilab area Tuesday morningFermi [640x480].JPG 

Photo by David A. Shemanske


Dime to quarter size hail collected in Park Ridge Monday evening

Hughes [640x480].JPG

Photo by Valerie Hughes


More hail from Park Ridge Tuesday evening,  the largest stones estimated at 1 inch in diameter

Jerzy [640x480].jpg

Photo by Jerzy Banasiak


More hail from Antioch

Frystak [640x480].jpg

Photo by Carl Frystak


Tuesday morning hail at Spring Grove

mwhittum [640x480].jpg

Photo by M. Whittum


Lightning 1- Tree 0  Tree struck by lightning in Elmhurst

Janito [640x480].jpg

Photo by Tom Janito


Wardrobe challenging day- 30 degree temperature spread across the Chicago area

A strong warm front continues to reside over the Chicago area, resulting in a 30 degree temperature swing from Chicago’s lakefront and North Shore, which are in the upper 40s, to 80 degree temps in some southwest suburbs. 

At 2PM,  temps range from 49 degrees at both Calumet Harbor and Waukegan Harbor, to 79 degrees in Joliet, Kankakee and Pontiac. 

This is resulting in a “wardrobe challenging day” across the Chicago area with summer warmth in some areas, and an early spring chill in others.

This warm front is expected to slowly lift north through the Chicago area this evening, allowing  temps to moderate in most of the cooler locations.  This front will may also be the focus for additional strong thunderstorm activity tonight.

Below: Temperature map showing the rather remarkable temperature variance at 2PM Tuesday afternoon

4-6 current_temp_metro_650.jpg



Storms move east this morning, but more in store for the Chicago area next 30 hours

A center of low pressure is positioned just southwest of Omaha in southeast Nebraska at 8AM this morning. Out of the low pressure center a cold front extends back to west and an elongated warm front over 1000 miles to the east. The warm front has been impacting the Chicago area..oriented west-east, running through southern Iowa and about along the Illinois  Interstate 88 corridor through Chicago’s Loop and then on east through lower Michigan..the northern fringe of Lake Erie and the southern edge of Lake Ontario.

 As the low center tracks slowly east northeast the next 24 hours , the warm front will lift slowly north into southern Wisconsin and the cold front will become more north-south oriented as it sweeps into Missouri. The center of low center is forecast to eventually pass very close to, perhaps a little north of Chicago about midday Wednesday.

This morning the rain/no rain line was quite sharp with anywhere from a half inch to nearly two inches of rain north of the warm front  (north of Interstate-88 and the Chicago Loop and generally less than a tenth of an inch to the south. Volunteer observers in Des Plaines (1.40 inches) and in Evanston (1.93 inches) reported the greatest rainfall.


There will be a lull in storms and then as the afternoon heating boosts convective activity, storms should once again begin to build to the west as the low center and cold front approach. While storms can develop anytime along and north of the warm front, the next best chance of strong storms in the Chicago metro area and northeast Illinois will be late this afternoon, tonight, and Wednesday forenoon.

Severe T-Storm warning issued for Cook and DuPage counties, including Chicago's north side

Update 7:59AM:  The Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Cook and DuPage Counties was canceled at 7:58AM.  Scattered thunderstorms continue over the northern half of the Chicago area, but these storms are below severe limits.

There are no warnings in effect at this time (7:59AM)

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch continues until 9AM, but may be canceled early.


A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is now in effect for northern Cook and northern DuPage Counties until 8:15AM.  The warning area is along and north of I-88 and the Eisenhower Expressway.  

Large hail is primary severe weather threat.  These storms also are producing frequent lightning and torrential downpours.

At 7:25AM, golf ball sized hail (1.75″) was reported in Batavia

At 7:25AM, golf ball sized hail (1.75″) was reported along I-88 at route 47 in Aurora


ww0054_warnings_resize 8am.gif