New severe thunderstorm watch #72 issued- Severe storms could reach far northwest portions of the Chicago Metro area after midnight

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has just issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch #72 for much of Iowa, southern Wisconsin and portions of extreme north and northwest Illinois valid until 5am Sunday morning.

Severe thunderstorms currently affecting portions of south central and southwest Wisconsin extending back into Iowa is expected to move to the east and south overnight and could reach northwest portions of the Chicago Metro area before daybreak Sunday morning.  Large hail, gusty winds and torrential downpours and the primary severe threats from these storms.


Counties in  north central Illinois included in the severe thunderstorm watch include..

Boone, McHenry, Ogle and Winnebago




Severe thunderstorm watch issued for areas well to the west and north of Chicago..storms could reach this area later tonight

Severe thunderstorm watch #70 has just been issued for muchs of Iowa, southwest  and south central Wisconsin and extreme northwest Illinois. The watch will be in effect until 10pm this evening.
Areas to the east of the watch in north central and northeast Illinois including the Chicago Metro area remain in a slight risk of severe thunderstorms and could be impacted by additional severe weather later this evening and overnight.

Severe thunderstorm watch #70 valid until 10pm

Severe thunderstorm watch #70 valid until 10pm

Snow exceeded 6-inches in southern portions of the Chicago area

Several reports half-foot snowfall have come in this morning Midway, Palos Park, Joliet and Crest Hill all came in with 6-inches or more. Following is a list of the most recent reports…

 Location       Snowfall (inches)

Oak lawn                     5.5

Midway                       6.0

O’Hare                       3.6

Yorkville                      3.8

Rogers park                3.5

Bonfield                       4.2

Palos Park                  6.0

Lisle                             5.0

Peotone                       4.2

Batavia                        3.0

Schererville, IN           5.2

Remington, IN             3.5

Coal City                     5.2

Downers Grove          5.1

Hinsdale                      4.5

Crest Hill                     6.0

Lemont                        4.0

It’s now the third-snowiest winter in Chicago weather records

Chicago’s official weather observing site reported a storm total of  3.6 inches snowfall. This makes the 2013-14 season total 79.1 inches – the third snowiest in weather records dating back to the 1884-85 season. Midway picked up 6.0 inches storm total, making their seasonal total 85.2 inches – their second-snowiest.

Snowfall records:

Official Chicago site ( Currently O’Hare Airport)

1-    89.7 inches 1978-79

2-    82.3 inches 1977-78

3-    79.1 inches 2013-14

4-    77.0 inches 1969-70


1-    89.7 inches 1978-79

2-    85.2 inches 2013-14

3-    82.3 inches 1977-78

4-    77.0 inches 1969-70

The Midway site was the “official” site from 1942 to 1979.

Midway moves into 2nd snowiest winter

At 5:15AM this morning Midway had reported a storm total of 5.2 inches and still snowing. This makes the winter 2013-14 snowfall total at that location 84.4 inches. This surpasses the 82.3 inches measured back in the winter of 1977-78 and puts this winter at Midway as the 2nd snowiest in weather records. The snowiest was 89.7 inches back in 1978-79.

Snow is letting up at most Chicago-area locations as of 6AM CDT

Following are some of the latest snowfall totals…

 Location      Snowfall (inches)

Romeoville                  4.1

North Aurora               4.0

St. Charles                  3.8

Elk Grove Village        3.0

Marengo                      0.2

Midway                       5.2

Joliet                            6.2

Snow ending from west to east after sunrise – Winter storm Warning/Advisories in effect until late morning

Depicted on the map below, the Chicago area Winter Storm Warning (including the city of Chicago) for 3 to 6-inches of snow (pink-shaded counties) and the Winter Weather Advisory (purple-shaded counties) for 2 to 4-inches of snow  continues in effect this 2 to 4 inches of snow  and blowing snow continues in effect – ending later this morning (11AM CDT). The area of snow is gradually pulling away to the east and will be ending from west to east shortly after sunrise.

Even after snow ends, it is anticipated that  strong northerly winds gusting over 30 miles per hour will continue to cause blowing and drifting to occur – cutting visibilities and making for hazardous travel – thus the continuation of the Warnings and Advisories until later this morning.

Travel east and south today will be very hazardous – across northern Indiana 6 to 10-inches of snow is forecast.

At 5AM CDT the center of low pressure was located near Cincinnati, Ohio – pulling away to the east up the Ohio River Valley.

Warning 1

Some early morning snowfall reports…

Location           snowfall (Inches)

Oak Forest                  4.8

Downers Grove          4.1

Lemont                        2.6

Pontiac                        1.0

Ottawa                        2.0

Numerous showers and thunderstorms to the west and southwest as temperatures fall into the mid-to-upper 30s

At 8:30PM CDT numerous showers and a few thunderstorms have developed in the past hour back to the west and southwest of Chicago (see current weather radar above). The showers are moving east-northeast, and should reach the Chicago area within the next hour or so. Some will produce pea-size hail. So far this evening pea to marble-size  hail has been reported at Morris, Mendota and Princeton and Galva.

At the same time temperatures have fallen into the mid to upper 30s area-wide as strong northeast winds continue to pull cold air off the icy cold Lake Michigan. Chicago-area dew-points have settled into the upper 20s to lower 30s for the most part.

So the stage is set for a cold rain to settle into our area with a changeover to sleet and then a wet snow still looking viable later this evening.

8:15PM CDT temperatures

temperature 3

As northeast winds strengthen-temperatures fall

Update 7:25PM CDT..

As of 7PM CDT temperatures at O’Hare and Midway had fallen 11-degrees from their afternoon highs – to 38 and 39-degrees respectively. Northerly Island and Waukegan had dropped to 35-degrees. Most of the area temperatures were in the mid to upper 30s.

Note on the weather radar picture above a narrow band of showers was approaching the Ottawa area moving east-northeast and widely scattered areas of light rain were moving out of Wisconsin into northern Illinois.

Note 7:15PM CDT temperatures..

temperatures 2


At 6PM CDT northeast winds off the cold waters and ice on lake Michigan were gusting to 3ern illinois.0 miles an hour at O’Hare and 28 miles an hour at Midway Airports where temperatures had dropped to 41 and 40-degrees respectively.

The Chicago area temperatures at 6:15PM CDT displayed below indicate Chicago-area readings have dropped into the upper 30s at several locations. Temperatures will continue to fall into the middle and lower 30s as the evening goes on – and the  window of rain changing over to snow will be shortened considerably as the cool-down occurs this evening.

temperatures 1