4 thoughts on “February 1994: Barrage of snow, cold follows spring tease

  1. Thanks for the cheery memory, Steve. Do you think we’re not depressed enough this winter that we need some reassurance that more misery could very likely come after this week?

  2. Tony .. this is the only time that they feel important …. whether they like it or not Spring WILL be here and then summer …. and no one will click on this blog except for the occasional severe thunderstorm day … let them have their misery spreading time under the sun LOL

    • Yeah that’s how it works, Fred. You solved the mystery for all of us reading this blog. They only print these blog articles to spread misery and not accurate weather information! *rolls eyes* Every time I read the comments here, I always find someone with the dumbest comment of the day. Congrats Fred on the dumbest comment of the day so far. Keep up the good work, WGN weather team!

      • No Mike – not every blog article but definitely this one …. picking out one data point showing subzero temperatures after a thaw from twenty years ago is as close to a moronic blogpost as it gets … Chicagoans have had a pretty rough winter … let us at least enjoy the thaw :)

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