At 8PM CST strongest portion of snow moving east through the Chicago area

825PM CST Update

Some early snowfall reports with snow still falling…

Location                        Snowfall (inches)

Winnebago, Winnebago Co    1.1

Geneva, Kane Co                   1.0

Carbon Hill, Grundy Co          0.8

St. Charles, Kane Co              1.1


The band of strongest radar returns (see radar depiction above) is currently (8PM CST) moving east through northeast Illinois and the Chicago area. Light snow was reported at most Illinois Chicago area observing locations including O’Hare and Midway.

This band of snow will be east of Chicago by 10-11PM CST, however the center of low pressure triggering the snow will be moving out of Iowa into western Illinois and won’t actually pass through Chicago until the early morning hours. So after this initial stronger band of snow, occasional periods of light snow will continue well after midnight.

Below is an 8PM CST visibility chart of the Chicago area depicting reduced visibility due to snowfall.

vsby 2

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