Chill’s resurgence modest compared to past cold spells this season, but enough to lend upcoming weekend a wintry “feel”

A February thaw’s on track to reach the Chicago area next week. 40s predicted here by the middle of next week are likely to segue into the 50s Thursday—mild enough to possibly introduce the year’s first thunderstorms to the metro area . But, the warmer temps predicted here by midweek are to remain well out of reach this weekend.

An overnight wind-shift to the northwest has allowed colder air to seep back into the area. And Friday night/Saturday morning lows are headed back to single digits and, in colder locations surrounding the city, to near 0.

Four days of temp increases finally produced a 32-degree reading  but this area’s long string of below normal days continues

The stubborn nature of this winter’s frigid arctic air is evident from temperature trends observed here over the past week.

Even with incremental temp increases spread across four days, the number of consecutive below normal days continues to grow.

Friday  becomes the 13th straight day of below normal temps, but the city’s string of sub-freezing days finally ended at 13 when the city’s official temperature at O’Hare International Airport reached 32 degrees at 8:07 pm..

Snow’s passing downstate with one system Friday; a second’s to swipe the Chicago area late Saturday into Saturday night

A fresh layer of snow is predicted downstate Friday with the first of two clipper-type systems projected to dip southeastward into the Midwest this weekend.

Central Illinois and Indiana are most favored to see sticking snow with the first system. A second is to lay down a swath of snow farther north late Saturday and Saturday night. It’s at that time Chicago could see several inches of  new snow.

Icy conditions Monday threaten to open a week predicted to generate the area’s most pronounced warming in the nearly 2 months since December

Awaiting warming is always a frustrating proposition when cold air is as firmly entrenched as it has been this season.  And the frustration could  become more menacing Monday as a disturbance predicted to traverse the area generates rainfall in a sub-freezing environment. This could generate icing  given the cold ground temperatures which have resulted from the extended period of bitterly cold temperatures.


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