Blowing snow, falling temps to continue overnight

Northwest winds will continue to gust around 40 mph overnight. Considerable blowing snow will create blizzard conditions at times, especially in open country. Travel is highly discouraged the remainder of tonight. In addition to locally poor visibility and drifting snow across roadways, the strong winds are ushering arctic air across the region. By daybreak Monday, temps across the Chicago area are expected to range from 5 to 10 below zero, with dangerous wind chills of minus 30 degrees or lower. Little or no recovery in temperature is expected during the day Monday.

4 thoughts on “Blowing snow, falling temps to continue overnight

  1. I (along with 3 others) are making ice for the outdoor rinks in Park Ridge, again this week.. 2 guys worked from 11pm last night through 7:30 am I begin a 5am – 1:30pm. hope its only ice that freezes today! well, time to put the layers on.

  2. OK wwe know its cold, you’re supposed to forecast the weather so do us a favor when will it not be cold as in what is your prediction for the nearest day to hit say 50 degrees

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