44.8 inches of snow this year — and counting

Increasingly, we’re hearing winter-weather-weary Chicagoans muttering, “When will this end?” and it’s no wonder. December ran 4 degrees below normal and January, as of the 21st, nearly 3 degrees below normal. And cumulative seasonal snowfall, also as of Jan. 21, was approaching 4 feet —  44.8 inches. That’s 260 percent of Chicago’s normal season-to-date snowfall (17.2 inches) and 122 percent of the city’s normal full-season total of 36.7 inches. In 130 years of official snowfall data, only two winters have had more snow through Jan. 21: 1951-52 with 54.0 inches and 1978-79 with 66.3 inches.

The current seven-day forecast cycle offers no relief: three periods of light snow (Wednesday, late Friday/early Saturday, Sunday) that, in total, might deliver 3-5 inches, and at least four days with subzero lows.

5 thoughts on “44.8 inches of snow this year — and counting

  1. Why don’t you try jumping of a tall building pal? We’re sick of this BS. And all you do is hype the negative. You’re all a bunch of losers at WGN.

    • Hey Cindy. Get a grip or move out of Chicago if you don’t like. I’m sick of winter too, but at WGN, their job is to report the news and tell us the weather, not control it. I believe WGN has the best news and most accurate weather forecasts of any network I have ever seen. Good job guys!

    • If you don’t like it move to Florida or the east coast and complain like them where they get attention with the national news channels. Either shut your mouth or leave.

  2. Not sure why you need to bash the meterologists. Forecasting isn’t an exact science. We live in the midwest snowbelt. I think if they had a on/off switch they would use it. Look at it this way…snow equals water. Equals fuller aquafiers, lakes and rivers
    Plus it ups the ground water for ceops. That is assuming you eat and drink….just saying…If you can do a better job put up your blog/website so we can all see…

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