Sunday reprieve before next shoe drops

Heavy snow hit portions of the Chicago area Saturday, as another “Clipper” low pressure system swept through the area. Close-in to Chicago snowfall amounts were only one to 2 inches, but farther out to the west and south Lee, Grundy and LaSalle Counties were hit with 4 to 5-inch totals. Streator and Mendota recorded right at 5 and half inches of new snow.

Southwest winds and sun make a brief appearance Sunday allowing readings to reach the 30-degree mark – it will probably be the last time this month we’ll see 30-degrees. Arctic high pressure will follow as a cold front moves through the Chicago area Sunday night and the rest of the week we will be held under the influence of that frigid air mass.

Temperatures will fall Monday as strong north winds will create snow showers over areas immediately adjacent to Lake Michigan and bring sub-zero wind chills. The rest of the week we will spend fighting the chill with occasional snow-producing reinforcing surges of cold air intrusions. Daytime highs will struggle to reach the teens and nighttime lows will frequently drop below zero as the week progresses.

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