Tim’s Weather World: Winter is half over but another half is on the way


Meteorological winter started December 1st and ends February 28th.  December, January and February are typically the three coldest months of the year.  That means we begin the second half of winter today.  So far this winter has been a tough one even by Chicago standards.

  • 24 of 45 days have seen snow so far this winter.  That means at least a trace of snow has fallen on a bit more than half of of winter days to this point.
  • 30 of 45 days have been below average or around 67% of winter days have been colder than average.
  • 34.1″ of snow so far at O’Hare, nearly triple the average to date of 12.8″.

More snow and cold are coming….

A couple more clipper systems will squeeze out additional snow tomorrow and again Saturday.  The total snowfall accumulation forecast from the GFS model through Saturday shows the clipper systems could combine to produce nearly 4″ of snow by Saturday night.

Tim GFS Snow Accum. ADI

The long range forecast for the end of January has midwest and most of the eastern half of the country outlooked for colder than average temperatures.





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