Latest in-house RPM snowfall forecast-UPDATED

The snow is expected to begin in the Chicago area by this afternoon and continue overnight. The map below depicts our in-house RPM models’ take on the storm showing the heaviest totals expected to fall across the central and south portions of the Chicago area.

Latest WSI RPM Snowfall forecast

Latest WSI RPM Snowfall forecast

6 thoughts on “Latest in-house RPM snowfall forecast-UPDATED

  1. What nobody is addressing here is the ridge in the Pacific that is providing abnormal heat to AK and a drought to CA. We’re in essence getting barbaric weather right out of the Arctic.

    • That’s often the case, we’re cold, Alaska above normal.The ridge forces the Jet stream Northward into Alaska (providing them with a Southerly airflow=mild pacific air) and then the jet dives down across Canada into the northern US

  2. Why is everyone so crabby with the comments? We don’t need the Pacific ridge addresed in the post “Latest RPM snowfall forecast” or the acronym RPM spelled out everyone its used on a weather website. Quick & concise to the point of the headline is just fine for all but a few people nationwide.
    Anyhow, band together Chicagoland, as no other city does better in extreme weather. And take good care of your doggies’ paws! Paw pad frostbite is baaad news.

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