Rapid intensification to place windy weekend storm among the region’s half-dozen strongest; central pressure could rival Edmund Fitzgerald storm in Nov. 10, 1975

Powerful autumn storms are capable of driving the weather over huge areas. That’s certainly to be the case with this weekend’s atmospheric behemoth—a system predicted to make the move from Nebraska to northern Wisconsin and into Canada’s southern Ontario province—growing more intense all the way!


Central pressures lower in storms as the upward vertical motion of air into these systems increases.  Wind is generated in the process as air around the system rushes in to replace the rapidly ascending air.


This storm’s rapid intensification is to produce a mammoth weather system with central barometric pressures which may get close to those of the infamous storm which sent the Edmund Fitzgerald to the bottom on Lake Superior in November, 1975.


Mildest weekend temps in 5 weeks plus influx of Gulf moisture set the stage for clouds/t-storms; severe weather potential predicted late Saturday night into Sunday


Strengthening southerly winds on the storm’s front side are to sweep unseasonably mild, October-level air as well as tropical moisture northward into Chicago and the Midwest.


The comparatively dry air in place as this process begins is to be replaced by humid Gulf air and rising prospects for showers and thunderstorms Saturday into Sunday. The presence of strong jet-stream winds predicted here as the weekend proceeds increases prospects for fast-moving thunderstorms capable of high wind and downpour production.


Highs Saturday and Sunday are to reach the 60s, a level more typical of October than November and readings 13 to 20-degrees above normal. The 61-degree high forecast Saturday would mark the first time this month that temperatures have been that warm.

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