Broad warming across the West signals temp surge here with 60s possible by Sunday


It won’t happen all at once.  But, warming is definitely in Chicago’s future—a trend which may ultimately produce late season 60s on Sunday.



Setting the stage for the warm-up are a set of powerful storms off the West Coast over the Pacific. They’re producing a  swath of southwest winds over a long fetch extending from the tropics and the region near the Hawaiian islands. The flow forces warmth to migrate northeastward across the Pacific and into the United States.



Temperatures were well above normal across much of the West Tuesday—warmth which included several record highs. This mild air is bound for Chicago.



Temps as chilly as Tuesday’s 33-degree O’Hare high the coldest in 10 years


It’s not common to be as cold as we were Tuesday the first half of November. O’Hare’s 33 degree high made it the site’s chilliest early season maximum temperature in 10 years.