Rainfall coverage and intensity to pick up Tuesday afternoon


Once dry Chicago is headed for another round of rain . A new autumn storm is behind the renewed rain threat which is likely to see patchy morning sprinkles or light rain segue into steadier, more widespread rainfall later Tuesday into Tuesday night and Wednesday.


Downpours Tuesday night and Wednesday may generate local 1”+ storm totals


Rainfalls are likely to vary across the metro area.  But it appears a good bet some areas may end up with an inch or more of rainfall. It’s rainfall likely to nudge the 1.68” on the books to date ever higher.

It’s likely the current 7-day forecast period is to be come this area’s most prolific rain-producer since June.


Not since the 4.28” which fell over the week spanning June 21-27 has the Chicago area been in line for a more significant one-week rainfall tally.


Meteorological autumn running 2.3-degrees milder than a year ago


Though there’s been a “nip” in the air in recent days, the meteorological autumn period which got underway Sept. 1 is running 2.3-degrees warmer than the comparable period a year ago.



New storm to lay down a corridor of sticking snow from Nebraska to northern Wisconsin


Snows been in comparatively short supply to date across the Lower 48 this year, falling primarily in the higher elevations of the West.




As of daybreak Monday, NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the parent of the National Weather Service, reported 8% of the Lower 48 sat beneath a cover of snow—more than the 4.8% which had accumulated by this time a year ago.