Tim's Weather World: When is the first fall freeze?

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No signs of a freeze any time soon.  We should top 70° today and enjoy a streak of days with a high of 70° or more straight through Saturday.  However, this is fall and it’s just a matter of time before we see temps dip to 32° or colder.   On average, the first fall freeze usually occurs any time between now and the second or third week of October depending on your location.  The first fall freeze typically occurs latest in the city and earliest north and west.

fallfrostdatesThe average date of the first freeze of the season (32° or colder) is October 12th.  We have seen the first freeze as early as September 22 back in 1995 while the latest first freeze occurred on November 24th in 1931.


The National Weather Service office in Chicago has more on when to expect the first fall freeze.  Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel has detailed information on frost dates and the growing season for the entire state of Illinois.



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