Tim's Weather World: First big fall storm in the works

CT ct-met-kc-rain-features 08.jpg

A major storm packing strong winds, heavy rain and snow may spin up late Thursday into Friday in the plains.  We will be impacted by the storm initially with a surge of warm air on its front side but eventually colder air will come crashing in Sunday as the storm’s center lifts just north of here.  So it will be a tale of two seasons here.  Today it will feel just like July with a high near 84°.  By Sunday it will feel like fall again with highs failing to climb above the 50s.  Between now and then there will be periods of showers and thunderstorms that could produce some locally heavy rain at times.  The GFS model is hinting at the possibility of 1 to 2 inches of rain in total.


The GFS model is spitting out more than a foot of snow for portions of the plains.  The graphic below is the total accumulated snowfall expected between now and early Monday.  Most of that snow would fall Friday into Saturday.


Snowfall national

While snow flies out west, strong thunderstorms in the storm’s warm sector could hit the midwest late this week.  The Storm Prediction Center has outlooked northwest Illinois, much of Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and southern Minnesota for a slight risk of severe weather during the period of Friday into Saturday (see graphic below).



Stay tuned!



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