Sunny, mild conditions to continue

Chicago weather archivist Frank Wachowski reports that the city logged 100 percent of possible sunshine on Tuesday, the first such occurrence of a totally sunny day since August 25 (30 days ago) — and there’s more sun to come before the current spell of dry, mild and relatively cloud-free weather runs its course. Fair-weather high pressure that sprawls from eastern Canada southward across the eastern United States and into the Great Lakes region will be slow to move out.
September, more than any other month, is climatologically prone to extended spells of mild, dry weather. Dry spells can and do visit Chicago at any time of the year, but winter dry spells are often intensely cold and in the summer they tend to be hot, excessively humid and droughty. But September dry spells are usually the most enjoyable, combining, as they do, pleasantly mild temperatures and low humidity.