Tim's Weather World: Hoping for some September rain


Less than one inch of rain has fallen during the past four weeks at O’Hare.  August is typically the rainiest month but we saw a paltry 1.69″ of rain or 34% of average rainfall.  The prospects for significant rain aren’t very good over the next seven days.  We may see a few widely scattered showers or thunderstorms late Saturday.  We also have a chance for a few thunderstorms Tuesday night or early Wednesday but most of the 7 day forecast is calling for dry weather.  The longer range 8 to 14 day forecast from the Climate Prediction Center has most of the midwest outlooked for below average precipitation overall (see image below).




The latest update from the US Drought Monitor shows that portions of northern Illinois are “abnormally dry” while downstate the drought has deepened.  The area in moderate drought has nearly doubled to just under 40% compared to a week ago while just over 2% of the state is now in an extreme drought.








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