ASK TOM: Hurricanes rare on Georgia coast?

Dear Tom,
I recently read that no major hurricanes have hit Georgia in recent years. Is there a meteorological explanation for this?
— Bob Gozdecki, Calumet City

Dear Bob,
It is Its southeast U.S. location makes Georgia is vulnerable to hurricanes from the Gulf and the Atlantic, and it often feels the effects of these storms. It is true that no hurricane has made a Georgia landfall since 1979, when Category 1 David hit south of Savannah killing 15 and causing damage of $320 million. The fact that Georgia has only about 100 miles of actual coastline may reduce the odds of a strike, but more important may be the location of the Gulf Stream and Bermuda High — which tend to steer approaching storms to the east, increasing the likelihood for a Carolina landfall. However, meteorologists agree that it’s only a matter of time before Georgia takes a direct hit.