Warmer temps to follow autumn-like weekend

The calendar says July but Chicagoans just experienced a chilly weekend with temperatures more typical of early October. The back-to-back sub 70-degree highs of 65 and 69 recorded at O’Hare International Airport were the first to occur in July here in 23 years since highs of 66 and 65 on July 13-14, 1990. Though the upcoming week promises to deliver some warmer temperatures, no hot weather is in sight with high temperatures expected to peak in the lower 80s. The best chances for rain appear to be Tuesday night into Wednesday when showers and thunderstorms threaten as another cold front approaches in an 11th-hour attempt to boost the city’s subnormal July precipitation totals.

Flossie threatens Hawaii

While Tropical Storm Dorian has fizzled in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Flossie is bearing down on the Hawaiian Islands packing 60 mph winds and torrential rains that could reach 15 inches in some areas.

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