Tim's Weather World: 2013 starts off soggy

CT feature02.jpg


The first six months of 2013 will go down in the record books as the wettest January to June period ever.  28.46″ of precipitation has fallen through the first half of the year breaking the old record of 26.19″ in 1975.  We are now running nearly a foot above average for year to date precipitation.  It was a different story last year as we found ourselves in the middle of a drought at this point.   We have already seen more precipitation this year than we saw all of 2012.  26.91″ of precipitation fell during 2012 or 1.55″ less than has fallen in the first six months of 2013.





Relatively wet weather could continue into the first part of  July.  The 6 to 10 day forecast has us outlooked for above average precipitation from July 6th through the 10th (see image below).  The good news is this week should be relatively dry with only spotty showers possible Tuesday and Wednesday and then a hit or miss thunderstorm on the 4th.












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