Strongest storms have lifted into southwest Wisconsin- No warnings currently in effect for northwest or north central Illinois

UPDATE:1:00 am

A thunderstorm  on the south end of the line of storms moving northeast  into southwest Wisconsin is currently strengthening near Freeport in Stephenson County. Hail and gusty wind are possible as this storm moves northeast through Stephenson County.  Other thunderstorms could bring gusty winds and some hail to north central Illinois in the next hour, but storms are expected to remain below severe criteria of 1 inch diameter hail and wind of 58 mph or higher.



Shortly before 12:45 am latest radar trends confirmed that the severe thunderstorms moving out of Iowa have moved to the north-northeast into southwest Wisconsin. If this trend continues it may signify a lessening of the threat of additional severe weather across northern Illinois for the remainder of tonight. At the current time only scattered showers and thunderstorms extend from just east of the Quad Cities area into northwest Illinois.


Strongest storms in Wisconsin

Strongest storms in Wisconsin



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