Tim's Weather World: Ready for the rest of severe weather season?


We are smack dab in the middle of severe weather season for northern Illinois and Indiana.  April, May and June are typically the months when severe weather peaks.  This season has started off fairly quiet.   There have only been about a half dozen reports of large hail so far in northern Illinois and only a couple reports of damaging winds.  For all of Illinois there have been just 89 reports of severe weather so far this year (see image below).  Those include 62 reports of damaging winds (blue dots), 25 reports of hail (green dots) and two reports of tornadoes (red dots).  State climatologist Jim Angel points out by this point last year there were already 22 tornadoes reported.  One of those killed 8 people in Harrisburg, IL when it touched down on February 29th.  Indiana has had a total of 82 reports of severe weather so far this year.



This weekend will be cool and quiet with no real threat of severe weather.  So now may be the time to review severe weather safety guidelines.  The National Weather Service has a variety of free, down-loadable information that will help get you prepared for when severe weather does arrive.


Here are some links to some preparedness material that could save your life:




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