Temps plummet more than 30-degrees from mid-week 80s; Chicago area undergoes the equivalent of a July to March temperature pull-back in just 24 hours


The contrast couldn’t have been more stark! Chicagoans, who reveled in July-level 80+ degree warmth Wednesday, had the meteorological rug pulled out from beneath them Thursday, experiencing a 29-degree 2-day temperature drop! It was the city’s largest official day-to-next May temp plunge to take place here in the past 5 years,  and one of only six Mays since 1871 to experience a temperature pullback of that magnitude!

The arrival of northeast winds off Lake Michigan delivered a chill which would have right at home in March.

While Wednesday chalked up an 84-degree high, temperatures once the clock ticked past midnight and into Thursday featured readings in free-fall.

The upper 70s which were in place as many Chicagoans turned in Wednesday night had turned into 40s by the time they rose Thursday morning.


A March-level chill, 16-degrees below normal, extends into a second day Friday


Friday marks the second day of unseasonably cool weather. The day’s predicted 50-degree high is 16-degrees below normal and equals the normal high on March 24th.


Showery spells could turn thundery Friday afternoon


Showers, expected to remain scattered Friday morning, are likely to increase in number Friday afternoon and evening as daytime “heating” proceeds.


Though a shallow layer of chilly air hugs the surface, the air mass above is warm and unstable. As this warmer air bubbles upward through the atmosphere, several thunderstorms may take shape, much as they did Thursday.


Blocking pattern to direct “cut-off” upper air low’s heaviest rains across Missouri and downstate Illinois and Indiana; Chicago area still subject to rain


Rain is to arrive in Chicago in clusters or waves the next two days. But the core of the cold upper air system responsible for the uptick in precipitation chances here, is being shunted farther south than first forecast. This appears likely to target sections of Missouri, downstate Illinois and Missouri with the system’s most prolific rainfall.


Chicago is still subject to some rain. But it’s looking increasingly likely the rain-making system is to be shunted to our south by a large dome of warm air aloft developing over southeast Canada.


System’s southerly track to graudually decrease weekend precip coverage here while threatening the Kentucky Derby with rain


The Kentucky Derby in Louisville may be wet Saturday! More than three-quarters of an inch of rain may fall by race-time threatening a wet track and limiting temperatures to the 50s.


May records fall as snow accumulates across sections of 5 states; portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa hardest hit


Big snows which hit sections of the Upper and Western Midwest Thursday are raising eyebrows. They have occurred in quantities never before observed there in May. Some of the heavier totals Thursday included 18” at Hayward and 17” at Rice Lake—both in Wisconsin.


Warming ahead next week; return to 70s a good bet—especially Tuesday through Thursday

Temperatures are to stage a nice comeback next week with readings soaring into the 70s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.