Unseasonable March-level chill spills into a second day; 73% of days since March 1 have posted temp deficits


It’s been a spring desperately short on warmth. 40 of meteorological spring 2013’s opening 55 days since March 1 have posted temperature deficits. That’s 73% of them!


March, 2013 finished 5.3-degrees below normal and April’s not been much better, averaging 3.2-degrees short of the month’s historic norm.


Spring 2013 is the coolest in 17 years; season ranks among Chicago’s 17% coolest of past 143 years


Meteorological spring continues Chicago’s coldest of the past 17 years, ranking among the 17% of coolest springs since records began in 1871.


The season’s average temperatures to date of 37.4-degrees is 3.4-degrees below the long-term average—cold enough to rank 29th chilliest of the past 143 years.


Wednesday’s lackluster 50-degree high made it the coolest April 24 here in 9 years.

Temperatures surge well into the 60s Friday and to 70 Saturday—but weekend lake winds to restrain warming on area beaches


Warmer days are on the way with temperatures jumping nearly 16-degrees from Thursday afternoon’s predicted cool high of 53-degrees well into the 60s Friday afternoon. A strong southwest wind is expected to push the “warmth” up to the lakefront Friday.


Lake breezes a part of Chicago’s spring; could play important role in this weekend’s shoreline temperatures


Cooler lake breezes develop whenever organized winds across the area drop off allowing the colder, denser mass of air which hugs chilly Lake Michigan’s surface water to charge inland as a “lake breeze”, significantly lowering shore line temperatures in the process.

On Saturday, as an example, while inland temperatures are predicted to surge to within striking distance of 70-degrees in the afternoon, lakeside residents can expect onshore easterly winds to develop, lowering temps into the mid-50 to low 60-degree range.


Stronger, better organized south/southwest winds winds are to drive temperatures into the 70s late this weekend and into early next week. There’s still a chance more modest lake breezes Sunday could have some cooling effect on area beaches. Whether that occurs will depend upon the strength of the southerly winds predicted for Sunday.