Milder temperatures return — and another chance of rain

After experiencing another chilly day Saturday with highs in the middle 40s more representative of the second week in March, a return to southerly winds should help boost readings back to more normal levels Sunday and Monday. In fact, if we receive enough sun through increasing clouds Monday, we could hit the 70-degree mark, especially in southern-most locations. Area rivers, many of which reached record and major flood levels with last week’s rains, are now slowly receding back within their banks.

As a cold front approaches from the west, there will be an increasing opportunity for a band of showers and a few thunderstorms to form up in advance of the front and move through our area on Tuesday. This round of rain should be nothing like the drenching, flood-producing rains late last week- more on the order of a quarter to a half-inch on the high end. Cooler high pressure should follow, holding high temperatures close to 10-degrees below average Tuesday through Thursday. The by the end of the week readings should be warming back to normal levels with another round of showers possible.