Sub-normal chill moves into a 15th consecutive day; March temps defy historic trends by running nearly 6-degrees colder than December's



March 2013 has certainly been no bargain for the area’s warm weather enthusiasts or, for that matter, anyone who’s been waiting for a signal from nature that the demise of winter’s lingering chill is upon us or, at minimum, near.




The month produces a 15th consecutive day of below normal temperatures Tuesday and has averaged 30.7-degrees to date. That reading is 5.1-degrees colder than the long term 142 year average and 24.1-degrees colder than the same period a year ago. But perhaps most interestingly, the temperature is nearly 6 degrees colder than December’s average reading. That’s most unusual. March is typically about 10 degrees warmer than December.




It’s the 24th coldest March here of the past 143 years



Of the 143 Marches for which there are official temperature records in Chicago, March 2013′s opening 25 days rank 24th coldest. That places the month among chilliest 17% of all Marches on the books. Only one in six has been colder.




News isn’t all bad—more seasonable temps due later this week; first weekend 50+deg temp possible here in two and a half months.





Perceptibly warmer temperatures arrive as  sunshine increases later this week. Highs in the 50s are predicted Friday and Saturday, making this Easter weekend the first in two and a half months to include a 50-degree temp. The last weekend to host a 50+ high here was back in January.



Only one 50+deg temp has occurred this month compared to 19 on the books a year ago




Mild air’s been in such short supply, Chicago’s March temp record includes only one 50-degree reading. That compares to nineteen 50-degree and higher temps a year ago.




The paucity of 50s is one reason a set of 50-degree or milder daytime highs will stand out later this week.



It’s not at all common to see so few 50-degree days in March. Since the city’s official observational record began in 1871, only 11 years have produced no more than a single 50-deg reading this far into the month of March.



Sunday/Monday snowstorm breaks records; St. Louis, Springfield, Lincoln and Peoria set new calendar day snow benchmarks 



The measurements are on in on the historic snowstorm which swept  out of Kansas and Missouri into central Illinois and Indiana late this past weekend, establishing new snowfall records on the way. Sunday’s 17″ accumulation at Springfield, 10.8″ tally at Lincoln and 7″ total in Peoria were each new calendar day snow records.



St. Louis’ 12.6″ storm total the 6th-biggest on record and largest since the January 30-31, 1982 blizzard




The 12.4″ which fell in St. Louis Sunday not only established a new record for a March calendar day snowfall but was the 2nd heaviest calendar day snow on the books in St. Louis. The final storm tally of 12.6″ there made the Sunday/Sunday night system the 6th heaviest snow event on the books in St. Louis and the heaviest to occur there since the January 30-31 blizzard of 1982.