Heavy snow-producing storm Sunday targets Illinois with Chicago on northern periphery


As the center of intensifying low pressure moves out of the Texas Panhandle northeast along the Ohio River Valley Sunday, snow will spread over the area to its north – including a good portion of Illinois and Indiana. A Winter Storm Warning for as much as 6 inches of snow is effect for the southernmost counties of the Chicago area – Livingston, Iroquois and Ford counties in Illinois and Newton, Jasper and Benton Counties in Indiana including the cities of Pontiac, Watseka, Paxton in Illinois and Morocco, Rensselaer and Fowler in Indiana. From that area north to Interstate-80,4 to 6-iches could fall with 1 to 4-inches a possibility for portions of Chicago proper and  lesser amounts north to the Wisconsin-Illinois state line.


Current snow-probability maps below produced by the National Weather Service – Weather Prediction Center give the chances of 4-inches of more and 8-inches or more of snowfall. Note the strong gradation of probabilities from Chicago south into central Illinois (red-encircled area with a better than 70-percent probability of heavy snow).

                                       Four-inches or more 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday


                                         8-inches or more 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday






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