ASK TOM WHY: How much snow fell March 21-22, 1992?

Dear Tom,

You recently listed snowstorms of 9 inches or more that occurred in March and April. I recall one on a Saturday in late March in the early ’90s that wasn’t on the list. How much fell in that storm?

— Steve Hanan, Morton Grove

Dear Steve,

Your recollection is correct. The storm you remember just missed making the list: It officially brought 8.8 inches of heavy, wet snow to O’Hare International Airport on Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22, 1992. It was the heaviest snowfall of the 1991-92 snow season.

The storm, like many of the Chicago area’s late-season snows, primarily affected the northern part, with totals ranging from about 10 inches at Antioch and Glencoe and 9 inches at Elgin, Crystal Lake and Lake Villa to about 4.5 inches at Midway Airport and to just an inch at Park Forest.

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