A break in the rain and snow, perfect timing for the evening rush

Fewer weather related problems are expected for Chicago’s evening rush compared to this morning as temperatures are above the freezing mark, and should stay that way through 7PM.   In addition, any significant rain or snow has moved east of Chicago.   While some spotty drizzle or flurries will be possible,  no additional snow or ice accumulation is expected between 5PM and 7PM.


After 7PM, an arctic front will sweep across northern Illinois dropping temperatures below the freezing mark resulting in the possibility of road/sidewalk re-freeze.  Flurries or perhaps a few snow showers are likely after 8PM behind the cold front, but with a lack a of deep moisture, any accumulation overnight will be minor.


BELOW:  Radar at 4:50PM shows the heaviest rain and snow east of Chicago over Lake Michigan.

rad 333




BELOW: Temperatures remain several degrees above the critical freezing mark over most of the Chicago area at 5PM

319 5PM


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