Storm Update

Here is the very latest on today’s winter storm from the WGN Weather Center:


-Snow will begin for most of the Chicago area between 4AM and 8AM.


-The heaviest snow is expected to occur between 10AM and 8PM.


-Total accumulation through 7AM will range from 0″ to 1″.


-Total storm accumulation by Wednesday morning is expected to be 5″ to 12″.   Computer model guidance over the past 12 hours is suggesting that the storm may move a little more quickly than earlier forecast, resulting in snowfall totals below 10″ for most cities, towns and neighborhoods across the Chicago metropolitan area.


-At 4:30AM, radar indicated an area of snow 50 miles west of downtown Chicago was growing in areal coverage as well as intensity.  At the onset, the precipitation may mix with rain, sleet or freezing rain before quickly transitioning  over to all snow.


-A Winter Storm Warning kicks in for the entire Chicago area at 9AM and runs through Midnight.


BELOW:  The latest output from our in house RPM model indicates the heaviest snow will fall in a line from Dubuque through Chicago’s southern suburbs.

rpm 305

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