Winter Weather Advisory in effect for northeast Illinois – at 8am east-west band of rain/snow/sleet moving north approaching Interstate-80


At 8am this morning, observations indicate a rain/sleet/snow combination creeping north toward the Chicago area – oriented east-west just south of and paralleling Interstate-80. It appears that precipitation starts off  as rain or as rain/sleet cobination, but quickly changes over to a wet snow. Temperatures are at or just above 32-degrees, so at this point at the start of the precipitation, roads will initially be mainly wet and slushy, but as snow continues, travel could quickly become more hazardous.


At 8am just south of Interstate-80,  Dwight in Livingston County had heavy snow, Bonfield in Kankakee Countywas experiencing sleet while Kankakee itself reprted rain had changed over to snow. It was snowing in Lacon in Marshall County. Farther to the west heavy snow was reported in Quincy, Galesburg and McComb.

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