St. Louis area hard-hit by snow and freezing rain

Heavy snow, freezing rain and sleet have been hammering the St. Louis area all afternoon. Here are the latest snowfall totals from that area…
New London, Mo. 9.0 inches
Montgomery, Mo. 8.5 inches
Guthrie, Mo. 7.0 inches
O’Fallon, Mo. 6.0 inches
Farmington, Mo.1.9 inches of snow, heavy sleet
Jerseyville, Il 5.5 inches
Troy, Mo. 6.4 inches
Girard, IL 4.5 inches
Wood River, Mo. 6.3 inches
Dorchester, IL 6.8 inches
Alton, IL 5.5 inches
Pontoon Beach, IL 4.0 inches
Crestwood, Mo. 3.8 inches sleet now falling

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