Interstate travel grinding to a halt in Kansas City; Long distance travel west of Chicago discouraged

A powerful winter storm continues to bury portions of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri under a foot of snow this afternoon.  Kansas City has been one of the hardest hit areas where 10 inches of snow has brought transportation by air and ground to a halt.  The Kansas City Int’l Airport is closed through at least this evening.


South of the heavy snow, freezing rain and sleet have slowed travel in Tulsa, Joplin and St. Louis.  A state of emergency has been declared in Kansas and Missouri.


Needless to say, long distance travel west, and southwest of Chicago is highly discouraged.


This storm will weaken as it rolls into Chicago tonight.  Three to five inches of snow is expected across most of northeast Illinois with locally heavier totals possible.


BELOW:  Cameras positioned along Kansas City interstates show deep snow had ground traffic to a halt.


BDpVozuCIAAp_Ci.jpg large

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