Tim's Weather World: Still hope for snow lovers


Most computer models are hinting a major winter storm could impact the midwest toward the end of next week.  Heavy snowfall is possible from the plains through the Chicago area with most of the snow falling late Thursday into early Friday.  It is still a long way off meteorologically speaking but in a season with so little snow (10.7″ at O’hare or 42% of average) it’s hard not to get at least a little excited.


The images below show the forecast for total accumulated snowfall between now and next Friday night.  Most of the snowfall projected should come form the late week storm.  The GFS model (above) is slightly more aggressive with its forecast of  7.9″ compared to the European model’s forecast of 5.3″.


Tim Midwest - GFS 10 Day Snowfall Accum


Tim Midwest - ECMWF 10 Day Snowfall Accum

Both models are forecasting gusty winds with the storm that could lead to some blowing and drifting.


Stay tuned…..






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