Chicago's coldest temperatures Saturday–warming begins Sunday

The coldest portion of an Arctic high-pressure air mass extending from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico will reside just north of Chicago. Much of the day Chicago-area temperatures will be in the teens, struggling to reach the 20-degree mark accompanied by single-digit wind chills. The leading edge of the immense wedge of cold air will be pushing to the southern tip of Florida Saturday with a hard freeze (temperatures in the mid to upper 20s) forecast across the northern Florida panhandle, and a good chance of a freeze extending into central and southern portions of the Sunshine state early Sunday morning.


Chicago’s average temperature so far this month has been running just about normal at 25.6 degrees, but 5.7 degrees colder than last February – and actually a degree COLDER than this past January (26.6 degrees).


Southerly winds should return Sunday and strengthen as low pressure approaches from the west. Clouds should overspread the area with 40-degree temperatures and rain expected Monday. As the low pressure and associated cold front move east Monday night, northwest winds will introduce colder air and a changover from rain to snow here.

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