Brief warm-up to be followed by cold and snow

After three straight sunless days, the sun will return in full force to the Chicago area Wednesday helping to boost temperatures nearly 15 degrees to highs in the lower 40s except near the Wisconsin border where substantial, though dwindling snow cover will hold readings in the upper 30s. The sunny and milder interlude will be fleeting, as a sharp turn to colder arrives by Thursday night. Gusty north winds will deliver a blustery and cold start to the weekend characterized frequent snow showers and daytime temperatures restricted to the middle 20s. A weather system passing to the south of the region will bring a wintry mix to the area Monday that will transition to snow  Tuesday as a reinforcing surge of colder air arrives.


Recent wet trend

Since January 27, the Chicago area has recorded 4.19 inches of precipitation making the past 17 days the wettest January 27-February 12 period on record since 1871 eclipsing the 3.64 inches recorded in 1942.

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