Tim's Weather World: More famine than feast with midwest snow

CT 0205_weather_features_03.JPG

We still have a snow deficit even though we had measurable snow for five straight days ending yesterday.  At least we have put a dent in our snowfall this season this February.  We picked up just under 6″ of snow so far this month or roughly 62% of all the snow we have seen so far this winter.  Still, we are more than a foot behind where we should be in terms of average snowfall at this point.  We are not alone.  Most of the Midwest has seen less snow than normal with one glaring exception.


  •                               Snowfall So Far               Above/Below Average
  • Minneapolis                26.4″                                   -9.1″
  • Rockford                    12.9″                                   -12.0″
  • Chicago                       9.2″                                   -13.0″
  • Milwaukee                  29.9″                                   -14.2″
  • South Bend                31.7″                                   -14.6″
  • Marquette                   95.4″                                   -27.8″
  • Green Bay                  40.4″                                    +8.2″

So aside from Green Bay, most of these Midwest/Great Lake cities are a foot or more below average.


Prospects for snow during the next 7 day are highest north of Chicago.  Below are the 7 day total accumulated snowfall forecasts from two computer models.

Tim ECMWF Snow Accum.

Tim Midwest - GFS 7 Day Snowfall Accum

So there is some hope for snow lovers over the next 7 days with the European model (above) and GFS model forecasting anywhere between just over 2″ of snow to just over 5″.


Speaking of snow….


Snow cover nationally has shrunk this month to 39.6% of the contiguous US, down from over 60% last month.





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