Zero at O’Hare caps off record temperature drop – wind chills fall 15 to 20-degrees below zero

At 7:08 this morning the temperature dropped to zero at Chicago’s official O’Hare observing site and held there for nearly a half-hour. That made the temperature fall exactly 63 degrees since the January 29 daily record high of 63-degrees was set this past Tuesday. That 63-degree pullback was the greatest 4-day January temperature fall-back back in Chicago records dating back to 1871. The old record was 61-degrees set back in January 1989. Most readings around the Chicago area were just above or just below the zero-degree mark – lowest readings of 3 or 4-below zero appeared to be in the Rockford area.


Wind chills were pretty consistent across northeast Illinois – most of the coldest observations falling  -15 to -20 range. O’Hare bottomed out at -17 and Midway at -16. Coldest wind chills were a -22 at DeKalb and -21 at Rockford.

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