Freezing rain expected to arrive between 11AM and 2PM; NWS extends advisory

A Freezing Rain Advisory is in effect for the entire Chicago area through this evening.  This advisory replaces the Winter (Ice) Storm Watch.   A three to six hour period of freezing rain is expected this afternoon before temperatures rise above the freezing mark by 8PM.   As of 10:30AM, roads are beginning to ice over in west-central and northwest Illinois.


Storm details:


-Freezing rain is expected to begin in the Chicago area between 11AM and 2PM.


-Initially, sleet (ice pellets) may mix in with the freezing rain.


-Untreated surfaces will become icy within minutes of the onset of precipitation.


-Use extreme caution if traveling by car or truck.  Chemically treated roads and highways may be ice free while untreated roads will be extremely slick and icy.


-The most treacherous driving/walking conditions are expected between Noon and 7PM.


-The freezing rain will end between 5PM and 8PM as temperatures rise above 32 degrees.


-Any and all ice will melt by the Monday morning rush hour as temperatures soar into the 40s after Midnight.


**At 10:30AM, the National Weather Service extended the Freezing Rain Advisory expiration time to 9PM Sunday for most of the Chicago area.  Prior to this extension, the freezing rain advisory was set to expire at 4PM. **


Mike Hamernik on Twitter  @MikeHamernik




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