Freezing rain advisory later today and this evening.

The National Weather Service has issued a Freezing Rain Advisory for the entire Chicago area that runs from late this morning through this evening.  This advisory replaces the Winter (Ice) Storm Watch.   A two to six hour period of freezing rain is expected later today before temperatures rise above the freezing mark by 8PM.


Storm details:


-Freezing rain is expected to begin in the Chicago area between 11AM and 2PM.


-Initially, sleet (ice pellets) may mix in with the freezing rain.


-Untreated surfaces will become icy within minutes of the onset of precipitation.


-Use extreme caution if traveling by car or truck.  Chemically treated roads and highways may be ice free while untreated roads will be extremely slick and icy.


-The most treacherous driving/walking conditions are expected between Noon and 7PM.


-The freezing rain will end between 5PM and 8PM as temperatures rise above 32 degrees.


-Any and all ice will melt by the Monday morning rush hour as temperatures soar into the 40s after Midnight.


Mike Hamernik on Twitter  @MikeHamernik




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