A chilly start to the weekend – then ice storm possible Sunday

Friday Chicago finally received the first 1-inch snowfall of the season – it was a new record for first 1-inch snow so late in the season (old record January 17, 1899) and 335 days since the last 1-inch snow. The low pressure system that brought the snow moved east followed by northwest winds and a brief reinforcing influx of colder air. Saturday will see considerable sunshine across the metro area, but the snow cover – thin as it may be – when combined with the colder air should restrict highest temperatures in the middle 20s. The six consecutive days ending Friday averaged 14.3 degrees – the coldest six-day stretch in over two years – going back to January 19-24, 2011 when the average was 12.8 degrees.


Treacherous travel Sunday

With a warm front approaching from the south, clouds will lower and thicken Saturday night, but cold air – temperatures in the upper teens to lower 20s will still be in place here Sunday morning as precipitation in the form of snow or sleet begins to fall.  The snow/sleet should gradually change over to freezing rain during the afternoon. Then as temperatures finally warm above 32 degrees, freezing rain should change over to rain later Sunday.

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