Up to 6" of lake snow in NW Indiana, plume headed for Chicago shoreline

A plume of heavy lake effect snow drifted across northwest Indiana overnight and early this morning producing whiteout conditions and up to 6″ of fluffy accumulation.


Low level atmospheric convergence which helped produce the heavy squalls is beginning to weaken as the snow plume drifts west toward the Illinois shoreline.  Nonetheless, an hour or two of moderate to heavy snowfall is possible in Cook County, including Chicago, between 10AM and 2PM today.  Anywhere from a dusting  to two inches of fluffy accumulation can be expected over portions of Cook and eastern Lake county (Illinois), with isolated three inch totals along the immediate shoreline.


Here are a few of the storm totals that have been reported to the WGN Weather Center.


7.5″  La Porte, IN

6.4″  Merrillville, IN

6.0″  Portage, IN

6.0″  Lake of the Four Seasons, IN

5.3″  Valparaiso, IN

4.0″  Lake Station, IN

3.0″  Gary, IN





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