ASK TOM: Chicago sunshine in winter vs. summer

Dear Tom,

Do we have more 100 percent sunshine days in the winter or in the summer?

-Deb Montague, Wheaton

Dear Deb,

Chicago’s sunshine guru Frank Wachowski checked the city’s sunshine records that date back more than a century and found that the city averages 46 totally sunny days a year; the bulk of them occurring during May through October. October leads the year averaging 5.5 absolutely sunny days followed by 4.6 days in September and 4.5 days in June. The months with logging the least days of 100 percent sunshine: are February at 2.8 days and December at 3.0 days. Chicago’s all-time sunniest month was July 1916,  that logged 95 percent of the possible sunshine and included 24 totally sunny days. The city’s dreariest: month was November 1985, with just 16 percent of the possible sunshine and not a single totally sunny day.