11PM Chicago area weather: Wind Advisory in effect – 40 to 50+ mile per hour wind gusts – temperatures falling out of the 30s through the 20s – and wind chills in the teens

With the center of low pressure over northern Lake Huron beginning to pull away to the east, strong west to northwest winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour will slowly weaken somewhat – gusting to around 30 miles per hour by early morning hours Sunday. Temperatures will fall through the 20s into the teens and even single digits north near the Wisconsin state line. In the same time frame, wind chills already in the teens will gradually fall into the single digits digits and ultimately sub-zero values before daybreak Sunday.


Some 11PM Observations

Location     temperature    wind (mph)

Rockford           24             NW 29 gust 44

DeKalb              26             NW28 Gust 45

OHare               31             NW29 Gust 47

Midway             36              W  22 Gust 39

Aurora               30             W  25 Gust 47

Lansing             38             W  36 Gust 49

Joliet                 32             W  32 Gust 40

Waukegan        28              W  25 Gust 44

West Chicago   28             W  25 Gust 40

Kankakee         38              W  31 Gust 37

Wheeling          29              W  28 Gust 44

Morris               32              W  35 Gust 45

Romeoville       33              NW 31 Gust 44

Michigan City, IN               SW  54 Gust 71

Valparaiso, IN   40             W  30 Gust 41

South Bend, IN 40             W  30 Gust 48

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