Tim's Weather World: Day 329 of "s-no watch"

CT ArtInstituteLions03.JPG

Now it is getting ridiculous….


Today will be a record 329th straight day without a snowfall of at least an inch (in a calendar day).  Today will be a record 327th straight day with less than an 1″ of snow on the ground.   Today also sets a new record for the latest 1st 1″ snowfall or more to occur in a winter (previous record January 17th, 1899).


Here are a few southern cities that have seen more snow than us:


  • Oklahoma City, OK 1.4″
  • Jackson, Mississippi 1.7″
  • Louisville, Kentucky 4.6″
  • Little Rock, Arkansas 10.6″

The prospecst for significant snow in the coming week aren’t good.  We may see a few flurries later Sunday and again Tuesday but the GFS model (see image below) is spitting out under an inch of snow between now and the end of next week.




Note the heavy amounts of snow predicted for northern Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern lower Michigan.  This will be the result of bitterly cold Arctic air that will sweep south Sunday producing heavy lake effect snow to our north.  This could be some of the coldest air we have experienced in nearly two years.






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