Where's the snow? Not here, with 1.3-inch total

Never before has Chicago experienced such extreme snow deprivation as this winter. Total seasonal snowfall now stands at a meager 1.3 inches, only 8 percent of the 15.3 inches that normally falls by this date in the snow season. Chicago’s next most snow-deprived winter took place a century ago: 1912-13 with 2.4 inches. As one snow-free day follows after another this winter, the next city snow record that is likely to be surpassed is the most delayed occurrence of at least one inch of snow. The current record stands at Jan. 17, 1899, a date which this winter is on track to tie on Thursday and exceed on Friday.
Southern ice storm  
Freezing rain that began early Tuesday ends Wednesday morning, but not until depositing a crippling one-half inch coating of glaze across portions of Arkansas, Louisiana, west Tennessee and adjacent areas.